A laser ‘touch’ against vaginal dryness

A laser ‘touch’ against vaginal dryness

The Mona Lisa Touch has proven to be very effective to solve a common problem among menopausal women.

In just five minutes, painlessly and at a relatively low cost, Lucy solved one of the problems that most affect her and her partner: vaginal dryness.

“When I was like that relations were cutting me down there. I had seven years with the problem, until I got treatment, ” said Hispanic 55, referring to the laser procedure which improved their sex life: the Mona Lisa Touch.

Used in Europe for over five years and approved in the country in early 2015, it is the use of a fraxional CO2 laser to treat vaginal walls, similar to that used in spas to improve skin face.

“The vagina of a 35 year old woman has much collagen with a thick epithelium, which helps keep the area moisturized,” says Dr. Ronald D. Blatt MD FACOG, specialist Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery (manhattancenterforvaginalsurgery.com) . “But when the woman reaches 50 or after menopause, the epithelium is thinner and less collagen, which causes intercourse to become painful, without lubrication, causing bleeding and even chance of urinary tract infection” .

Dr Blatt, one of the first in the country to specialize in vaginal treatments, says the Mona Lisa Touch the vagina recovers the characteristics of a woman of 35, “all go back.”

The effect of the laser on the tissue of the vaginal mucosa stimulates collagen production, improves the functionality of the area and the blood flow is restored.

Quick and painless

The patient does not need preparation or rest for treatment. By attending the clinic, the specialist inserts the laser tip into the vagina and immediately activated to release pulses of energy that do not produce any pain.

At an average of five minutes the whole area is, and immediately the woman can resume their occupations and after four days, restart your sex life.

“Then I begin to lubricate and notice the difference to have sex, because I no longer hurt,” recalls Lucy, who has done it twice. “I recommend it 100%.”

The results are noticed four days after the first treatment, but Dr. Blatt recommended to receive another six weeks, then every six months or a year, becoming one of maintenance.

The procedure is also very useful for cancer survivors, in their 30’s or 40’s, who can not use estrogen drugs, according narrows the specialist.

As for the cost, which is generally not covered by insurance, it is an average of $ 800 nationally.

“It’s cheaper than an annual estrogen treatment, and much cheaper than a divorce,” concludes Dr. Blatt.


You can read the original article in Spanish here: http://www.paratimujer.us/2016/04/01/un-toque-de-laser-contra-la-resequedad-vaginal/