I Got Botox! Even Though I Don’t Have Wrinkles and I loved it

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Not long ago, I was invited to the grand opening party of MedSpa44 — the event was called “Bubbles and Botox.” How could I resist?

As a 30-something-year-old beauty and fashion blogger, I am very conscientious of how to keep an age appropriate youthful appearance. Embarking upon my mid 30s, aside from my obsession with eye creams, I have started to consider non-invasive beauty treatments, and having dabbled in microdermabrasion and laser treatments appropriate to my medium hue African American skin tone, Botox was right up my alley.

MedSpa44 is a beautiful and welcoming space. So I was not surprised to enter the exam room greeted by the cutest nurse practitioner you’ll ever meet — sans any signs of aging. Apparently, she is a Botox enthusiast too! To my surprise, she informed me that my skin was that of somebody 10 years younger than I am, and in very good shape.

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